ABEY 2.0

Faster Transaction speeds – Lower Gas Fees

With up to 3,000 TPS and Low Gas Fees ABEYCHAIN is fast becoming the choice of developers. A Multi-Layered Programmable Blockchain for High-Volume Transactions.

ABEY 2.0 is a Hybrid consensus multi-layered blockchain systems which incorporates DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and POW (Proof of Work) consensus. Its aim is to support High-Volume transactions based on parallel transaction execution and ABEY Virtual Machine(AVM).


ABEY Consensus

ABEY2.0 follows a design paradigm where DPoS and PoW are combined together to attain high levels of scalability and consistency without significant reduction to decentralization.

Multi-layered Architecture

ABEY2.0 would use a multi-layered framework to adapt one slow chain and several fast chains to extend scalability.

ABEY Virtual Machine

AVM is a high-performance virtual machine based on WebAssembly. It can run code at a speed close to the native computer hardware speed, while also providing a more flexible contract interface.

General frame drawing

Frame Diagram


Frame Diagram

Application Scenario

Decentralized Exchange

Through the ABEY Network, users can pay the digital asset in exchange for services or goods.

Stable coin

Stable coin could be deployed in ABEY chain as medium of exchange to avoid price fluctuations.

Decentralized Business Contracts

Business Contracts such as loans can be designed as a smart contract and deployed in ABEY network. The rest operation would be executed automatically once the terms of the contract are met.

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